Friday, November 18, 2011

Rails 3.1.2 has been released

Posted by jonleighton

Rails 3.1.2 has been released. This is a patch-level release containing bug fixes and an important security fix.

Possible XSS vulnerability in the translate helper method in Ruby on Rails

There is a vulnerability in the translate helper method which may allow an attacker to insert arbitrary code into a page.

  • Versions Affected: 3.0.0 and later, 2.3.X in combination with the rails_xss plugin
  • Not Affected: Pre-3.0.0 releases, without the rails_xss plugin, did no automatic XSS escaping, so are not considered vulnerable
  • Fixed Versions: 3.0.11, 3.1.2

Please see the rubyonrails-security posting and the changelog item below, for more details.


Action Mailer:

  • No changes

Action Pack:

  • Fix XSS security vulnerability in the translate helper method. When using interpolation in combination with HTML-safe translations, the interpolated input would not get HTML escaped. GH 3664


    translate('foo_html', :something => '<script>') # => "...<script>..."


     translate('foo_html', :something => '<script>') # => "...<script>..."

    Sergey Nartimov

  • Upgrade sprockets dependency to ~> 2.1.0

  • Ensure that the format isn’t applied twice to the cache key, else it becomes impossible to target with expire_action.

    Christopher Meiklejohn

  • Swallow error when can’t unmarshall object from session.

    Bruno Zanchet

  • Implement a workaround for a bug in ruby-1.9.3p0 where an error would be raised while attempting to convert a template from one encoding to another.

    Please see for details of the bug.

    The workaround is to load all conversions into memory ahead of time, and will only happen if the ruby version is exactly 1.9.3p0. The hope is obviously that the underlying problem will be resolved in the next patchlevel release of 1.9.3.

    Jon Leighton

  • Ensure users upgrading from 3.0.x to 3.1.x will properly upgrade their flash object in session (issues #3298 and #2509)

Active Model:

  • No changes

Active Record:

  • Fix problem with prepared statements and PostgreSQL when multiple schemas are used. GH #3232

    Juan M. Cuello

  • Fix bug with PostgreSQLAdapter#indexes. When the search path has multiple schemas, spaces were not being stripped from the schema names after the first.

    Sean Kirby

  • Preserve SELECT columns on the COUNT for finder_sql when possible. GH 3503

    Justin Mazzi

  • Reset prepared statement cache when schema changes impact statement results. GH 3335

    Aaron Patterson

  • Postgres: Do not attempt to deallocate a statement if the connection is no longer active.

    Ian Leitch

  • Prevent QueryCache leaking database connections. GH 3243

    Mark J. Titorenko

  • Fix bug where building the conditions of a nested through association could potentially modify the conditions of the through and/or source association. If you have experienced bugs with conditions appearing in the wrong queries when using nested through associations, this probably solves your problems. GH #3271

    Jon Leighton

  • If a record is removed from a has_many :through, all of the join records relating to that record should also be removed from the through association’s target.

    Jon Leighton

  • Fix adding multiple instances of the same record to a has_many :through. GH #3425

    Jon Leighton

  • Fix creating records in a through association with a polymorphic source type. GH #3247

    Jon Leighton

  • MySQL: use the information_schema than the describe command when we look for a primary key. GH #3440

    Kenny J

Active Resource:

  • No changes

Active Support:

  • No changes


  • Engines: don’t blow up if db/seeds.rb is missing.

    Jeremy Kemper

  • rails new foo --skip-test-unit should not add the :test task to the rake default task. GH 2564

    José Valim

As ever, you can see a full list of commits between the versions on Github.