Friday, November 1, 2013

[ANN] Rails 4.0.1 has been released!

Posted by rafaelfranca

Hi everyone,

I am happy to announce that Rails 4.0.1 has been released. This is a bug fix release and includes more than 460 commits.

This release comes up with an important change on how Active Record handles subsequent order calls. In Rails 4.0.0 when you do something like this:

User.order("name asc").order("created_at desc")

The latter called order will be prepended in the ORDER BY clause resulting on this SQL:

SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY created_at desc, name asc

In Rails 4.0.1 the behavior of Rails 3 has been restored and the generated ORDER BY clause looks like this:

SELECT * FROM users ORDER BY name asc, created_at desc

We chose to revert the behavior because it added a major backward incompatibility that made harder to have an upgrade path without major changes in the application code. Also we consider the older behavior a bug since it behaves differently from all the others scope methods when they are chained. So we took the most conservative path of reverting it to be consistent with the idea of having a smoother upgrade path to Rails 4.

For those who want the old behavior you can use .reorder or .unscope to remove the ORDER BY clause and generate another one.

Also, this release adds some performance improvements to make Rails 4 even faster.

CHANGES since 4.0.0

To view the changes for each gem, please read the changelogs on GitHub:

Full listing

To see the full list of changes, check out all the commits on GitHub.


If you’d like to verify that your gem is the same as the one I’ve uploaded, please use these SHA-1 hashes:

  • 6f2e4d74b34904b61a47187dd879dca3b26fc2d8 actionmailer-4.0.1.gem
  • 063f16cfcf62f766a893fe09e35241bdae7cd70e actionpack-4.0.1.gem
  • b50a071bd924fb27e4c41bb40c9cb483457bc21c activemodel-4.0.1.gem
  • 1a8b173da2d8e2ae27edfeb99164c2574a1d7ddd activerecord-4.0.1.gem
  • 9a58bc3c086628ef8028716eeb7c0cb0f8c7e39a activesupport-4.0.1.gem
  • 4663f4d0607ff59cf0ae5a55b268d27d658fdcc8 rails-4.0.1.gem
  • 22e23959dc14101697eb2bb8acc00a81cc6c3884 railties-4.0.1.gem

I’d like to thank you all, every contributor who helped with this release.