Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Rails 4.0: Release Candidate 2 released!

Posted by dhh

We’re almost at the end of the road for Rails 4.0.0. This is intended to be the last release candidate before the final version is released. We have just under a hundred commits in since RC1. All just fixing regressions since the last release.

As last time, please give this release candidate an honest try. This is the version we’re going to ship on June 25th unless people find and report blocking issues. Please report all the issues you find on the Rails issue tracker.

As always, install the release with gem install rails --version 4.0.0.rc2 --no-ri --no-rdoc or depend on the v4.0.0.rc2 tag. You can also follow the 4-0-0 branch. 4-0-0-stable is now targeting 4.0.1 and master is targeting 4.1.

Go West, friends!