Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[ANN] Rails 3.2.14.rc2 has been released!

Posted by rafaelfranca

Hi everyone,

One regression was found on the 3.2.14.rc1 release. So, following the script We are releasing a new release candidate, Rails 3.2.14.rc2.

If no regressions are found we will release 3.2.14 final final this Friday, on July 19, 2013. If you find one, please open an Issue on GitHub and mention me (@rafaelfranca) on it, so that we can fix it before the final release.

CHANGES since 3.2.14.rc1

Action Mailer

No changes.

Action Pack

No changes.

Active Model

No changes.

Active Record

  • Do not re-create destroyed association when saving the parent object.

    Fixes #11450.

    Paul Nikitochkin

Active Resource

No changes.

Active Support

No changes.


No changes.

Full listing

To see the full list of changes, check out all the commits on GitHub.


If you’d like to verify that your gem is the same as the one we’ve uploaded, please use these SHA-1 hashes:

  • 8126e9ca60ca050fd4e809d70f2035deae1e681f actionmailer-3.2.14.rc2.gem
  • bc0c7594aebc42fe0cdd7213017e3280d6111c40 actionpack-3.2.14.rc2.gem
  • 1b3de1ee862ef055b7a300e180ae97140d51534b activemodel-3.2.14.rc2.gem
  • 57a9ede96d56eaac5e484f8becd41ff9513918f3 activerecord-3.2.14.rc2.gem
  • 2ad96e7ab80ef8801234774f81d85cc800abfc96 activeresource-3.2.14.rc2.gem
  • 02c03d4d8b888b02bf9898ab663126760e3b3678 activesupport-3.2.14.rc2.gem
  • 561edde241b39ba54f79b32f93f29db699fbf668 rails-3.2.14.rc2.gem
  • 4d16819efc81d3a4c761cad460c094f69a58171c railties-3.2.14.rc2.gem

Thank you everyone!