Friday, November 28, 2014

[ANN] Rails 4.2.0.rc1 has been released!

Posted by chancancode

Happy Black Friday everyone!

The Rails team is very excited to announce that the first Release Candidate of Rails 4.2.0 has been released today. For an overview of all the major changes, please refer to the release notes.

We would like to thank everyone who have assisted our team in testing the beta and smoothing out all the rough edges. During the beta period, we have logged over 1500 commits by over 60 contributors and over 100 tickets and pull requests on GitHub.

In particular, thanks to contributors who have assisted in testing the release in their Real World™ applications, we have identified and addressed a number of performance issues since the last beta release.

With the release candidate out the door, we are now much closer to the final release of 4.2.0. Please consider testing this release with your applications if you haven’t already – you can read the upgrade guide for detailed instructions. If you found any problems while upgrading, please report them to our issue tracker and/or notify the authors of the relevant gems and plugins.

Thank you all again, this release would not be possible without your help!

One More Thing™

The release of the first RC for the 4.2.0 series also marks the beginning of Rails 5 development. The 4-2-stable branch has been created today and all changes on the master branch will be targeted for Rails 5.0 and backported according to our maintenance policy. Read more about the grand plans for Rails 5!