Friday, December 5, 2014

[ANN] Rails 4.2.0.rc2 has been released!

Posted by chancancode

Happy Friday everyone!

The Rails team has just released the second Release Candidate of Rails 4.2.0 today. For an overview of all the major changes in the 4.2 series, please refer to the release notes.

The RC2 release includes some patches for a few minor issues that was reported in the last week. It also includes some improvements to the documentation and some enhancements that decreases the verbosity of the Active Job logs. You can refer to the diff on Github for a full list of changes.

We would like to thank you again for assisting our team in testing the release candidates. Please continue to report any issues you discovered to our issue tracker and/or notify the maintainers of the relevant gems and plugins.

If no other major issues are found, we expect to release the final version of 4.2.0 very soon, just in time for Christmas!