Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Senny and Godfrey to Rails core, Yehuda to alumni

Posted by dhh

The Rails core team has just accepted Yves “Senny” Senn and Godfrey Chan into its ranks.

Yves had his first patch committed to Rails back in 2011 and has since racked up 1256 commits of improvements to the framework. He’s a developer with 4teamwork from Bern, Switzerland, and we couldn’t be happier to recognize his great work by admission to Rails core!

Godfrey Chan has been on a tear this year to help making everything Rails better. A lot of work and commits and reviews have come from Chan to ensure Rails 4.2 is the best it can be. He had his first commit in 2012, and has since racked up another 255. Welcome as well!

Finally, Yehuda Katz is retiring from active core participation and will join the hallowed halls of the Rails alumni. We thank him dearly for all he has done to improve Rails and Ruby. It’s been a pleasure to argue with him endlessly over things big and small, and doubt that’s going to stop just because he’s now alumni.

Thanks to Yves, Godfrey, and Yehuda, and to everyone else working on improving Rails, for their service. The community is grateful!