Thursday, October 22, 2015

Matthew joins Rails core; José joins Rails alumni

Posted by jeremy

Please join us in welcoming Matthew Draper to the Rails core team!

Matthew is a kick-ass collaborator. He’s gone above and beyond PRs and technical contributions (which are sharp and on-point) by mentoring student groups, by coaching beginning Rails developers through their first apps alongside experienced developers working through design decisions & tradeoffs, by volunteering forserving on the Rails security team, and by emerging as a natural steward of the Rails way. His mindfulness for programmer experience & happiness puts Rails—the framework and our community—in good hands. Welcome, Matthew! 👏

Also, please join us in ushering José Valim into the halls of Rails alumni. José was once a Rails patch monster without peer, and has gone on to create the Elixir programming language and build a fantastic community around it. Gratefully, for everything: Thank you, José. ❤️