Friday, March 27, 2015

This week in Rails: Goodbye alias_method_chain, PostgreSQL typecasting and more

Posted by _cha1tanya

Hey all!

This is Prathamesh with this week’s recap from Rails. Lets see which issues got fixed, which features got added. Ready, steady, go!

This week’s Rails contributors

This week 40 people contributed to Rails, 7 out of them are new. Do you also want to help? Check out the issue tracker and start making Rails better.

By the way, Xavier and Kasper added the permalink feature to the link of weekly contributors. So each weekly contributors link is forever to stay!

New Stuff

Warning if the query fetches more than fixed number of records

Faced problem with queries fetching thousands of records and slowing everything? Now you will get a nice warning if the query fetches more number of records than configured value by using active_record.warn_on_records_fetched_greater_than config option.


Deprecate alias_method_chain in favor of Module#prepend

Do you remember the old friend alias_method_chain? It had a good run. But now it will be deprecated in Rails 5 in favor of Module#prepend which was introduced in Ruby 2.0.


Moving type casting for PostgreSQL out of Active Record

We just got two steps closer to moving type casting of various data types for PostgreSQL from Active Record to PostgreSQL adapter.

Friendlier access to request variants

With this patch, you can now check the current request’s variant using, request.variant.tablet? and so on.


Pass name of the wrapped job class to Sidekiq for logging

If you were missing your job class in the Sidekiq logs and instead seeing some weird ActiveJob::JobWrapper, don’t worry. Now you will get your job class back in the logs because ActiveJob will pass the wrapped class name back to Sidekiq.

Use actual table name while joining tables with has_many :through

Previously, while joining tables having has_many :through association, Active Record was not using the actual table name. It was generating wrong SQL and resulting into ActiveRecord::InvalidStatement error when used with calculation methods like #count. No need to worry, its fixed now!

Generate fixture file with singular name for singular tables

Previously if the table name was made singular using ActiveRecord::Base.pluaralize_table_names = false, name of the fixture file getting generated was still pluralized. No longer true! Get singular fixture file for singular table name now onwards.

Summer Opportunity

Rails Girls Summer of Code

Checkout Rails Girls summer of code. You can submit your open source project to be included. Also you can help fund the campaign.

Wrapping up

That’s all for This week in Rails. As always, there are more changes than we have room to cover here, but feel free to check them out yourself!

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