Saturday, April 18, 2015

This week in Rails: Ruby 2.2.2, RailsConf and more!

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But before the Rails juice, a quick story spruce: At my company we have a coworker we look up to, because she’s doing a cross country trek.

She’s our heroine and she just crossed the border.

Oh right, you were looking for Rails news.

This Week’s Contributors

This week 42 people helped Rails out. Rails 5 comes closer everyday and it’s only possible because of all your help. Keep it up and it’ll be the best version of Rails yet.

prepend Primed to Dethrone alias_method_chain

Remember when we said alias_method_chain had been deprecated? Well, if the method being overriden called super, you’d be stuck in an infinite recursion - like that friend who didn’t graduate kindergarten. This week prepend became the successor Rails needs. And how is that possible?

Rails 5 Requires Ruby 2.2.2

Well, I’m glad you kept reading, because Ruby 2.2.2 has a fix for prepend. The new version is mainly a security release - with some bug fixes squeezed in there - so no procrastinating the upgrade, okay? You want to be ready to hit the lab next week too.

New Stuff

Controllers With Default Form Builders

There’s a new default_form_builder method you can override in controllers. Then form_for and friends will use the passed builder class to architect the view.

A new Action Pack XML Parser Release

Hey, there’s a new version of this thing out.                                                  


Railties Uses Bundler’s exe Convention

You’ve probably been prepending bin when running rake or rails like a good samaritan. Those are binstubs in action. But bin is for executables in general and not just those stubs. Not anymore, as Bundler reserves bin for binstubs and exe for executables. This week Railties executed that convention.

One More Thing™

Meet Us at RailsConf

A few of us are going to the big peach next week. So after you’ve seen DHH reveal the really big stuff coming in Rails 5, you can mingle with us at RailsConf. Both Godfrey and Claudio will be speaking. …and I guess I’m there too.

That’s a wrap

Another week in Rails went by - and so swiftly. There’s more changes in this tailored link.

Lastly, either pluck in a few of your friends’ emails here or ask Godfrey how you can get to write these things too.