Friday, June 12, 2015

This week in Rails: Rails API, fun with minitest and more!

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Howdy folks!

My name is Todd and I’ll be your guide through the land of Rails this week. Straight from the comfort of my couch with awful lumbar support, I proudly present bad posture and the highlights from This Week in Rails.

This week’s Rails Contributors

42 people made Rails even more awesome this week.

Rails API has landed on master!

After 52 days, lots of great comments, and a ton of incredible work by Santiago and Jorge, Rails API has been merged into master and will be released as part of Rails 5!

New Stuff

Optional scaffold.css

If you’ve ever wanted the ability to avoid generating scaffold.css when performing a scaffold, you’re in luck. Simply use the --no-scaffold-stylesheet switch and you’re good to go!


Better minitest integration for Rails’ test runner

The new Rails test runner has been modified to take better advantage of minitest’s extension system.

Added a Point object for Postgres point types

Rails 5 will deprecate the current behavior for Postgres point types. Moving forward, the Postgres adapter will return a Point object instead of an Array.

Reversible remove_foreign_key

Migrations using remove_foreign_key can now be automatically reverted with rake db:rollback without manually defining the down operations.


Prefix and suffix options for enums

This allows you to add a prefix or suffix to enum’s auto-generated methods. Useful if you have multiple enums with the same values.

Fixed ignore_blank for required select fields

This change will now cause an ArgumentError to be raised in the event ignore_blank is set to false on a required select field.

Fixed abstract class fixtures with belongs_to

Fixes an issue where using belongs_to in abstract classes would result in a crash when loading test fixtures.

That’s a wrap

That’s all for This week in Rails. As always, there are many more changes than we have room to cover here, but feel free to check them out yourself!

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