Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Rails 3.2.22, 4.1.11 and 4.2.2 have been released and more

Posted by rafaelfranca

Hi everyone!

Rails 3.2.22, 4.1.11 and 4.2.2 have been released, along with web console and jquery-rails plugins and Rack 1.5.4 and 1.6.2.

These releases contain security fixes, so please upgrade as soon as possible!

The security fixes for 4.1.11 and 4.2.2 are:

In order to make upgrading as smooth as possible, we’ve only included commits directly related to each security issue.

The security fix for 3.2.22 is:

Differently from the Rails 4 releases, Rails 3.2.22 includes all the commits from the 3-2-stable branch. This mean that now Rails 3.2 supports Ruby 2.2.

The commits for 3.2.22 can be found here, the commits for 4.1.11 can be found here, and the commits for 4.2.2 can be found here.

Web Console

We are also releasing Web Console 2.1.3 that contains the fix for the following issue:

The commits can be found here.

jquery-ujs and jquery-rails

We are also releasing jquery-ujs 1.0.4 and jquery-rails 3.1.3 and 4.0.4 that includes fix for the following issue:

The commits for jquery-rails 3.1.3 can be found here, the commits for jquery-rails 4.0.4 can be found here, and the commits for jquery-ujs 1.0.4 can be found here.


Rack 1.5.4 and Rack 1.6.2 have also been released, which include fixes for the following issue:

The commits for rack 1.5.4 can be found here, and the commits for rack 1.6.2 can be found here.


Here are the checksums for Rails 3.2.22:

$ shasum *3.2.22*
cc56be2f49baeeccc0da87b740f23d0ac7bd2d24  actionmailer-3.2.22.gem
d20fd24d9049fad99ea5405a265ca7c9690af378  actionpack-3.2.22.gem
0454b4bd49a1a423e1ef6231a5cb510ca48e0cb8  activemodel-3.2.22.gem
d9e51980eb4892089a29531c1fea69cabe9511e4  activerecord-3.2.22.gem
3754c63826f09b6b10bd0ca749646f76fbe195c6  activeresource-3.2.22.gem
4da01bbf6e03326c24c261c3d65a8c0b563f8663  activesupport-3.2.22.gem
0386d4d55b52d1348e024cb237e3b81126ce6c46  rails-3.2.22.gem
56575ff805b432be10fa79080c25c790947999f2  railties-3.2.22.gem

Here are the checksums for Rails 4.1.11:

$ shasum *4.1.11*
154856eb9c940e8fb5c999b08c748ce82e8a1197  actionmailer-4.1.11.gem
fa9a8271d8c19af89f8cf46c9a5bfd0b3ece1226  actionpack-4.1.11.gem
340678573b91ad305b9c2b07844d0628dbcf6a8d  actionview-4.1.11.gem
c56dc176a7ac0690d4f59472f28b36a664221d5c  activemodel-4.1.11.gem
711334da9e88d8d2606b4e12df115b093fb3a1b1  activerecord-4.1.11.gem
b714633af191481332797ed09f62fdd784363fb1  activesupport-4.1.11.gem
9fc1c823457ffe51cc6f52de2960035149621e15  rails-4.1.11.gem
1640674035171d0eb36ff91da9ea8d86f2137261  railties-4.1.11.gem

Here are the checksums for Rails 4.2.2:

$ shasum *4.2.2*
a093bdd43d732416f02b1cc39edc4f839b27cc69  actionmailer-4.2.2.gem
51dc701f026f3a84a779287459996f36023877f9  actionpack-4.2.2.gem
6ae3231fa1e6bbd07b4d1bf7b124654b39f3e048  actionview-4.2.2.gem
16e607a30b41d000bae2e848c11ef472264a5d94  activejob-4.2.2.gem
e667fb6dee998be2d1d01086467fa3fe2ca58dff  activemodel-4.2.2.gem
394cc4d39e8c84c2aed5b25c352cd6b2903ab686  activerecord-4.2.2.gem
b4b91de89a8c6f223bed5c01a7e578956d4a2bf7  activesupport-4.2.2.gem
a9e286e6799bde99e1449706854b910b5c466302  rails-4.2.2.gem
dd46d7f599fb883c1d3fd6b5ec8fcfd61628b869  railties-4.2.2.gem

Here is the checksum for Web Console 2.1.3:

$ shasum web-console-2.1.3*
60aed82466891904d7348583d67ec7dabce3a176  web-console-2.1.3.gem

Here are the checksums for jquery-rails 3.1.3 and 4.0.4:

$ shasum jquery-rails*.gem
691b6ec57ee08f8ef80bae3e8c09a4442d2f7d5c  jquery-rails-3.1.3.gem
159b4127ebbaba708cbed2921d1d1b00134ee834  jquery-rails-4.0.4.gem

Here are the checksums for Rack 1.5.4 and 1.6.2:

$ shasum rack-*.gem
d71ea9c90d7ef2a0787722f233da8fcbfb5e55d5  rack-1.5.4.gem
85d34dbf068cda5cf36432984da8ccf81c3d1be5  rack-1.6.2.gem