Friday, October 28, 2016

👻 🎃 This Week in Rails: Scary Monsters and Nice CSS Sprites!

Posted by chancancode

Boo! Hey ghouls and goblins, Andy here. This is going to be loaded with groan-inducing Halloween-themed puns. If you weren’t turned off already by the Skrillex reference, please keep reading!

Let’s take a look at 👻 Frankenstein fixes, 💀 dead code, and 👿  devilishly-detailed documentation changes…carved out this week! 🎃

Ruby on Rails Pumpkin, carved by Jack, Graham, Zachary and Matt at Shopify.

Rails Contributors

We had 22 Ruby on Rails contributors this week, including a first-time contributor. Thanks!


Permit loads while queries are running

A query may wait on a database-level lock, which could lead to a deadlock between threads. No one likes deadlocks. They are the stuff of developers’ nightmares! 💀

Remove unnecessary respond_to?(:indexes) checks

All database adapters have implemented the indexes method and support was removed. Some concerns were raised (from the dead? 💀), but the contributor demonstrated the requirement for database adapters to support indexes in early versions.


Clear the correct query cache

The correct query cache was not being cleared. The author mentioned that this bug was happening in Sidekiq as well. Check out the details!

Fix HABTM associations

Use constants, strings, and symbols to express your HABTM associations. Check out the commit for more details.

Wrapping up

That’s it for this week. Check out all the changes here. May your bucket (or the buckets of your children) be filled with sweet Halloween treats! 🍬