Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rails 5.0.0.beta2: Slashed Action Cable dependencies, fixes galore

Posted by dhh

Progress waits for nobody: The second beta release of Rails 5 is out, and it’s packed with a six weeks worth of fixes and upgrades.

The big news is that Action Cable no longer depends on Celluloid, Redis, or even EventMachine! We’ve doubled down on concurrent-ruby, added a PostgreSQL alternative adapter to Redis for pubsub, and added a non-EventMachine Redis adapter too. So if you were freaking out over the new dependencies in beta1, you can breathe easy again. The Rails community has, as per-usual, stepped up and Made It Better. Special thanks to Mike Perham, Jon Moss, and Matthew Draper for their work on this!

Beyond that, there’s literally 25 pages of commits on GitHub detailing the work done since the beta1 release on December 18. It’s a good stroll through the work it takes to go from beta to beta.

The release targets from here are RC1 on February 16 and then final on February 23. All depends on how much stuff pops up from beta2 and RC1, though. So don’t order cake or champagne for delivery on those dates just yet!

If you missed the announcement on what’s new in Rails 5, checkout the beta1 story. Oh, and thanks to Sean Griffin for coordinating this release.