Monday, February 29, 2016

Rails, and have been released!

Posted by rafaelfranca

Hello everyone and happy Monday!

Rails,, and have been released! These contain the following important security fixes, and it is recommended that users upgrade as soon as possible:

These releases also contains bug fixes for the previous security releases. The released versions can be found in the usual locations, and you can find a list of changes on GitHub:

We’ve done our best to minimize any impact to your applications, but if you run in to any issues, please file a ticket and we’ll do our best to help!

Again, as always, if you run in to any bugs, please file them on the Rails issue tracker which is located here. If you run in to security issues, please follow the reporting process which can be found here.

Here are checksums for the released gems:

$ shasum **
6d63003ef278381e2155daff9d88c0e3f9b4772f  actionmailer-
d4c345a50c1ca34877c262515c803f7e3c2b1db0  actionpack-
e6046e359ef996d08ceebf5b827286737666c848  actionview-
6b2e3059fd620c84f039a9882bf4ef9199fab3c0  activejob-
84af62e888830fd6616cc984bc06da3f87ef12b5  activemodel-
9e22d1ac610a7f63a6cc55af98701cedecf760b2  activerecord-
c8781d9fff8e410987ac5d2a5483fdca2b0b6c15  activesupport-
0a0c4b44a6a40680deffd7abe6fe1ad4c4adcd77  rails-
5614cd03b5912f9cf48fa41c81fff9145f472507  railties-
$ shasum **
d15f2f70b1539d44a2dab6864f550238ef0ae3d1  actionmailer-
04bb0456048863f6391f0f5996a2b01c8a9c1e8b  actionpack-
57a54f23c418b39979a2745bb3db2de67a6d02c9  actionview-
54e553172130d32962e1ff6fe8e19fd71b552994  activemodel-
45ee0e48ad0eb17ef36bd8816439f256cbe0b51c  activerecord-
957a341b6ee5970d4b6e36b108de05ead0ea9762  activesupport-
4d8842abe184b0113032d6643b9d4639bb6e276b  rails-
c4b3a0e130117b70524d3f52a292518a8a237480  railties-
$ shasum **
d5fa20cbddd37cbfd4a665b3d37ad2d5f47f1394  actionmailer-
127a227365cdc1195fb309ab037f25ab276dbc87  actionpack-
c754858b10ef01b071eafca831be2dba2ebbcc71  activemodel-
417f1b087f7166083b78c5cebfb911cffe551c13  activerecord-
859861ec97dcb15dbaef38555995b2c1490928c9  activeresource-
7383b11b265cdd642c55aee5e15f0f87a5a77505  activesupport-
e2b06adbd0df0ccd09b7e5d48024dc076ef38884  rails-
f358f2b37f5f439ef9971d2aba1d96258e9c25f9  railties-