Friday, June 17, 2016

This Week In Rails: smarter file update checker, testable custom queue adapters and more!

Posted by repinel

Hello everyone! This is Roque bringing latest news from the Rails community.

This Week’s Rails Contributors

This week 23 people contributed to Rails. We also got 4 first time contributors. Welcome aboard folks and keep it going!


Fix digesting non-HTML templates when name conflicts

This fixes a scenario that caused incorrect template digests for */* requests that render non-HTML (e.g. JSON) templates. The HTML template was being used to compute the cache instead of the requested type.

Prevent the FinderMethods#exists? from raising RangeError

It will return a boolean value instead of going 💥 when value is out range.


The file update checker will boot once per process

The checker will now play nice with multi-threaded web servers like Puma. Please read the pull request for more details.

Custom queue adapters will now work with Active Job tests

If you have a custom queue adapter for Active Job, you can override the method queue_adapter_for_test in your tests to take advantage of the test helpers provided.

Wrapping Up

That’s it from This Week in Rails! There were many other great contributions, too numerous to list here, but feel free to check them out!

Until next week!