Saturday, June 4, 2016

This Week in Rails: An Apology, Initializer Changes, and More!

Posted by chancancode

Hey, team. Todd here, bringing you another edition of This Week in Rails! Due to a scheduling mishap, we missed an issue last week - we won’t cover it here, but I encourage you to check out the repo activity during that period.

Anyway, let’s get to the exciting stuff from this week!

This Week in Rails – Now in Korean!

First off, a very special thanks to Suhan Lee for translating our newsletter into Korean! He’s going to try to translate each newsletter going forward. If you’re interested in providing more translations, feel free to get in touch with Godfrey.

This Week’s Contributors

We had 25 of you lovely individuals contribute code and documentation to Rails this week. You all rock! Keep the contributions coming!

New Stuff

Collapse Default Initializers Into a Single File

A late addition to Rails 5: default Rails initializers will no longer live in their own files. Instead, a new new_framework_defaults.rb file will be included in new apps generated with Rails 5.


Add WebSocket and logger Configuration Options for Action Cable

You can now configure your own WebSocket and logger options when using Action Cable.

Slim Down Active Record YAML Dumps

This patch decreases the size of model dumps to YAML - in some cases by a whopping 80%!


Fixed Issue Chaining #exists? to #includes

Sean was able to fix an issue where chaining #exists? on #includes would raise an error. It sounds like there’s more work to do here yet, so I encourage giving the commit message a look-see.

ActiveRecord::Base#hash Should Differ Between Classes

Previously, there was an issue where it was possible to have collisions if #hash was called on two different models with the same ID. This is now fixed on master.

Remove OpenSSL Deprecation Warnings

This patch fixes deprecation warnings caused by the OpenSSL::Cipher::Cipher namespace changing to simply OpenSSL::Cipher.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap for This Week in Rails! There were plenty of other things going on, so feel free to jump in and check them out yourself!

See you next week!