Friday, July 15, 2016

This Week in Rails: Y U have not updated to Rails 5 yet?!

Posted by chancancode

Hello from Claudio.

This week saw some small fixes applied to Rails 5. Nothing major. Nothing that should stop you from upgrading all your apps from Rails 4.2 to Rails 5. So get onboard! You can do it!

Rails 4.2.7 and 4.1.16 have been released!

Check the blog post for links to all the CHANGELOGs. As Rails 5 was released, this is probably going to be the last release of Rails 4.1. Please take some time to upgrade your application to Rails 4.2 or Rails 5.

This week’s Rails contributors

32 people contributed to Rails this week, including 6 first-timers. Congratulations! Don’t hesitate to check all the changes merged into master this week. 


Add support for limits in batch processing

Active Record’s batch processing methods now support limit, so you can write statements like Post.limit(10_000).find_each { ​|post| … }​.


Fix AR::to_param to maximize content

The documentation states that AR::to_param should truncate values longer than 20 characters by words. This commit enforces this behavior, using as many characters as possible to maximize the information included in the URL.

AS::Duration to serialize empty values correctly

ActiveSupport::Duration::ISO8601Serializer will not fail when asked to serialize zero-length durations such as ActiveSupport::Duration.parse(0.minutes.iso8601).

AS::TimeZone#strptime to raise the correct error

Trying to parse an invalid date such as in strptime('1999-12-31', '%Y/%m/%d') will now raise ArgumentError rather than the confusing NoMethodError: undefined method empty?.

Check request.path_parameters encoding when they’re set in env

The encoding of path parameters is now checked earlier in the dispatch process so that routes that go directly to a Rack app, or skip controller instantiation, don’t have to defend themselves against non-UTF8 characters.


Speed up RDoc generation

Every commit to rails/master automatically updates the Rails docs. The RDoc generation has gotten faster by only including files that contain changes since the last generation.

Wrappin’ Up

Repeat after me: “Next week I will upgrade all my projects to Rails 5.”

💬 “Next week I will upgrade all my projects to Rails 5” 💬

I hope you do! And finally, if you happen to travel to sunny California this summer, come say hi at the Los Angeles Ruby meetup. 🌇😎🏄