Saturday, September 3, 2016

This Week in Rails: Speedier Times, Explicit Public Assets and more!

Posted by imtayadeway

Oh, hello there!

This is Tim here bringing you your latest installment of This Week in Rails. We had another corker this week chock full of great updates - read on for the full details!

This Week’s Rails Contributors

This week saw 99 commits from 27 fantabulous people contributed to Rails, including an amazing 5 first-timers! If you’d like to see your name up there next week, why not take a gander at the issues board, or you may even consider the next item for inspiration….

Documentation Galore

This week saw a whopping 11 documentation PRs successfully merged. Improvements to the documentation are not only gratefully received, but are a great way to start getting involved.


Make public asset use explicit

When calling asset_path with an invalid file name, this method would simply pass the string that you gave it back to you. This revision adds a configurable flag called unknown_asset_fallback which when set to false will raise an error if the asset is not found. Setting it to true will preserve the current behavior, but will indicate that it is being deprecated.

Don’t unnecessarily load a belongs_to when saving

This change prevents an already-loaded model from being reloaded if its id gets assigned to another model in a belongs_to association and then saved.


Fix performance regression in TimeWithZone#to_time

Up until Rails 4.0.0.beta1, TimeWithZone#to_time could return a cached instance attribute. Since that release it has been coercing the value to a Time on each call. This revision reverts the old behavior, which, according to the author’s benchmarks, is over 5 times faster.

Allow send_file to declare a charset

Previously, calling send_file with type: "text/calendar; charset=utf-8" , would result in the charset’s being deleted - a bug that was fixed in this PR.

Wrapping Up

Although I enjoyed reviewing all the commits from the last week, there were as usual too many to mention exhaustively. But do check them out yourself here!

Until next week!