Friday, September 30, 2016

This Week in Rails: cable got buffer, callbacks stripped, and more!

Posted by kaspth

Cadet, you’re at the new frontier! Orbiting the red planet just yonder, you ponder and wonder:

Do Martians drink their Martinis on the rocks?

All this crew member knows is that he prefers his scoops on the Rails — good news, everyone: We’re setting course for such a delivery!

This Week’s Multiplanetary Contributors

22 contribunauts came aboard the contributor list this week with their precious commits harvested for the good of all. You’ve earned this heart of gold: 💛

Action Cable buffers socket writes

Quoting the description:

Sockets can sometimes block, leading to reduced system throughput as threads get tied up.

Switching to incremental writing allows Action Cable to spread out writes such that a blocked socket can’t block writes to other sockets.

Callbacks leaves less backtrace lines

Callbacks — before_action and friends — moved forward by going back this week: back to the backtrace and removing traces of itself. Try that, McFly!

Check the description for an example, it’s quite easier to see in action.


Rails’ test runner supports after_run hooks

The Rails test runner switched to using minitest’s autorun across the board, as such it gained support for Minitest.after_run hooks.

autorun also guards against running tests twice, which could happen in some cases. But that’s now fixed too.


Don’t leak ActiveModel::Errors default_proc

Previously when serializing ActiveModel::Errors via to_hash or as_json for instance, the default_proc would hide in the engine compartment and spring out when the crew was out of orbit.

No more of those alien capers on this ship!

Make :as option also set request format

In Rails 5 you can make an as of your test requests, as: :json that is.

After adding the option to ActionController::TestCase last week, we’ve opened the pod bay doors once ensuring the format is just right_._

Wrapping up

That’s it for this week, as usual there were more changes than what we can fit, feel free to check them yourself here!

Until next week!