Saturday, April 1, 2017

This Week in Rails: -j smoked, 42, designated drivers and more!

Posted by kaspth

Yo folks! Your noble editor Kasper here with the latest and greatest from Rails.

Check the fine print 📰

Remove rails new –javascript

The –javascript option for new Rails apps could install any gem ending in -rails. From now you’ll have to add jquery-rails to your Gemfile manually.

Properly sourced fourty_two

The new documentation now has the answer to life the universe and everything.


Per subclass system testing driver overrides

Your system testing test case subclasses all have a designated driver. Now you can designate another driver in case the test case calls for it.

reverse_merge aliased to with_defaults

One for the aesthetics department: with_defaults has emerged as an alias for_reverse_merge_. So now_options.with_defaults(creator: @current_user)_makes your intent clearer.


Fixed rails-ujs.js module support

Once Rails 5.1 ships proper you’ll be able to require rails-ujs from your JS again.

There were many other great pull requests this week from 45 contributors, including 8 first-timers. Thank you all!

Until next week!