Friday, May 12, 2017

Rails 5.0.3 and 5.1.1 have been released!

Posted by tenderlove

Oh hi! This is an announcement to let you all know that versions 5.0.3 and 5.1.1 of Ruby on Rails have been released! These are just regular bugfix releases, so no need to rush to upgrade. I mean, please do upgrade since upgrading is good and you don’t want to get behind, but I mean no need to spend your weekend on these.

I’ve put the gem checksums below and links to the changelogs (check the P.S. at the end of this post if you are going to read the changelog) in each gem.

Have a happy Friday, and a good weekend!


Tenderlove <3<3<3

Rails 5.0.3

You can find all commits here.

Each changelog is linked below:

Gem checksums:

[aaron@TC release]$ md5sum *5.0.3*
8483a3a00f088b4547cf14dab42f8a5a  actioncable-5.0.3.gem
37f6c2c5ce8f55e748f0f0aac36d0eec  actionmailer-5.0.3.gem
67682c3d3521ca9cc6cf8fcb5e56de36  actionpack-5.0.3.gem
e05b98378b4b9d9546937666d74d9a47  actionview-5.0.3.gem
fd4f09f31026b93ced652c1eb7f229a4  activejob-5.0.3.gem
e6a82b789fb3a6dd9ba5386752ebc41d  activemodel-5.0.3.gem
c284eccf8bc0a883b84180ef6ae3b8f3  activerecord-5.0.3.gem
831f53dad2ce7bada156eb60eb2de1b8  activesupport-5.0.3.gem
f96cecf57f4e2c6897890d59fb5b432b  rails-5.0.3.gem
d48d6b66a34965a4f21d29e7454b6cc9  railties-5.0.3.gem
[aaron@TC release]$

Rails 5.1.1

You can find all commits here.

Each changelog is linked below:

Gem checksums:

[aaron@TC release]$ md5sum *5.1.1*
0670ea1078b0eb5a071cb00dba362e51  actioncable-5.1.1.gem
b0c225597533d862ec85a70b9abda4bc  actionmailer-5.1.1.gem
1e4c682e911ad6df7b33e2077ef63662  actionpack-5.1.1.gem
61c4ca576e49885e5270b8265eb3c55a  actionview-5.1.1.gem
9bc455e2b86a6c2b3b6e47ef8032a7b3  activejob-5.1.1.gem
e5852e43acd79a23e40aec7d3acfd2b3  activemodel-5.1.1.gem
29b6459c5d8f91d418f48a8341ba033d  activerecord-5.1.1.gem
cba3e9e7fc431ff2c7241777b63f6a85  activesupport-5.1.1.gem
6b201afebf14372a3ff021030e9a5138  rails-5.1.1.gem
242a56fe64ce6563996386233bc86d5c  railties-5.1.1.gem
[aaron@TC release]$


This is really embarassing, and I’m really sorry, but I forgot to update the version numbers in the changelogs before doing the release. So if you click a link to a changelog, and the top of it says the previous version (5.0.2 or 5.1.0) it means there are no changes to that gem, and that I am not so good at my job of releasing gems. Again, I’m really sorry about this!