Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Three new committers: George, Javan, Ryuta

Posted by dhh

We’re happy to announce three new members of the Rails committers team: George, Javan, and Ryuta 🎉!

  • George Claghorn: George has been an integral part in creating our new Active Storage framework. He wrote a substantial part of the framework itself by extracting hard-won lessons from his work at Basecamp on moving our storage to the cloud. George also managed the stand-alone rails/activestorage repository with issue and PR processing prior to its merge into the framework proper. George works at Basecamp and lives in Philadelphia.

  • Javan Makhmali: Javan has written the majority of the JavaScript needed for Action Cable and Active Storage, as well as being a significant contributor to Webpacker. He’s also the co-author of Trix and other JavaScript libraries and frameworks originating at Basecamp. Javan lives in Ann Arbor.

  • Ryuta Kamizono: Ryuta is a top 20 all-time Rails contributor with work going back to 2013. He’s got his fingerprints all over the framework, but have in particular been helping with Active Record. Ryuta lives in Tokyo.

As a reminder, the committer team works together with the core team by assisting with pull-requests processing and making changes to the framework, but does not have the keys to make final releases or set policy. All members of the core team came up through working on this team.