Saturday, March 24, 2018

Rails 5.2.0.RC2, AWS authentication options and more

Posted by morgoth85

Hello fellow Rubyists, this is Wojtek bringing you the polished set of latest Rails news.
We do like to “polish” things here in Poland ;-)

Rails 5.2.0.RC2 released

Aiming for 5.2.0 final version to be released before the RailsConf in April. Help us test it, to have a solid and stable release.

This Week’s Contributors

Big thanks to 16 people who contributed to Rails this week! If you’d like to join them, check out the list of open issues.

Allow full use of the AWS S3 SDK authentication options

It’s now possible to use environment variables and IAM roles to authenticate to AWS in Active Storage.

Support mysql2 gem version 0.5

New version of mysql2 gem brings some bugfixes and features but also some backward incompatibilites. Check them out in changelog.

Memoize the result of calculating path to translation

Speeds up usage of I18n.translate. Benchmark included in the comments.

Use ASCII-8BIT paths in ActionDispatch::Static

Fixes encoding incompatibilites between Rack and Rails middlewares.

Remove support for Qu gem from Active Job

Qu gem wasn’t compatible since Rails 5.1. Development was stopped in 2014 and maintainers have confirmed its demise.

There were many more changes to Rails’ codebase, which you can check out here.
Until next week!