Sunday, July 29, 2018

Better instrumentation, enhanced Postgres helpers and more

Posted by kirshatrov

Hello from London! The heatwave is finally over and we can get back to 🌧. This is Kir, bringing you the latest Rails updates.

Add cpu time, idle time, and allocations features to log subscriber events

The change makes it much easier to instrument CPU time and object allocations with ActiveSupport::Notifications events.

Prefer rails command over bin/rails

In some files we recommended using rails, in others bin/rails. The inconsistency is now fixed 🎉

Why prefer rails as the recommended executable? It does all the heavy lifting of dispatching to the app appropriate Rails version, so that’s why users don’t need to target bin/rails manually.

PostgreSQL 10 new relkind for partitioned tables

The PR brings support for Postgres’ partitioned tables to create_table helper.

Add strict argument checking to Active Record callbacks

Callbacks like before_save will now raise when they receive unsupported arguments.

26 people contributed to Rails this week. You can see all the changes here. There might be some open issues you can try tackling?

Stay tuned!