Friday, October 25, 2019

Permanent public URLs for storage blobs and more

Posted by morgoth85

Hello Ruby folks. Wojtek from this side reporting on latest additions to Rails codebase.

Add permanent URLs for public storage blobs

It is now possible to configure Active Storage to hold public/private blobs. Public services will always return a permanent URL.

Improve inversing associations

Adds support for inversing belongs_to -> has_many Active Record associations through a config option.

Support for overrides in “zeitwerk” mode inflectors

Helps to define custom autoload inflections independently from Active Support.

Support errors translation lookup on indexed attributes

When using indexed errors option, translated messages for them will be looked up by the standardized key.

Allow “OPTIONS” HTTP verb in routing mapper

Handy shortcut for defining routes.

45 people contributed to Rails since last time. Check out the detailed list of all changes.
Until next time.