Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Rails 6.0.0 rc2 released

Posted by dhh

The final version of Rails 6.0 is almost ready, but before we put a pin in it, please enjoy this second release candidate. We’ve cleared all the blockers that were discovered during the first release candidate, and if nothing new and major is discovered, we’ll ship the final release in a couple of weeks.

There has been 172 commits of changes since rc1.

You can read all about what’s new in Rails 6.0.0 in the first beta announcement. From Action Mailbox to Action Text, multiple database support, parallel testing, and Webpacker handling JavaScript by default. This is a massive step forward for Rails.

This release, and all releases leading up to Rails 6.0 final, was shepherded by release manager Rafael França with support by Kasper Timm Hansen.