Friday, September 20, 2019

Delete multi entries from cache, bugfixes and more

Posted by morgoth85

Hi. This is Wojtek. Rails 6 is with us for some time and we all can see it is a stable and solid release. Thank you one more time to all that tested the pre-releases and helped in ensuring that the final version is in a best possible shape.

Now let’s see some recent additions to Rails.

Added delete_multi method to Active Support Store Cache

Improves performance for deleting many entries at once when supported by underlying store like Redis.

Serialize classes and modules with Active Job

Classes and modules can now be passed to job as argument without a need for custom serializer.

Added email_address_with_name method to Action Mailer

Properly escapes email addresses with names without worrying if it includes special characters in it.

Fixed Range include? method for endless argument

Endless range was introduced in Ruby 2.6 and beginless range in upcoming Ruby 2.7.

Fixed Active Support Duration comparison

Guard against non numeric attributes to avoid faulty comparisons.

58 people contributed to Rails since the last time. You can check the full list of changes here. Until next time.