Sunday, January 5, 2020

This week in Rails - The 2019 edition

Posted by _cha1tanya

Hello, this is Prathamesh bringing you first issue of This week in Rails of the new year and new decade.
In this issue, we will go over the major changes that happened last year to the Rails codebase.

Happy new year!

494 contributors to Rails in 2019

There have been 494 contributors to Rails in 2019. Wow, that’s a staggering number! Thank you all for making Rails better.

Rails 6.0 released

Rails 6 includes headline features such as parallel testing, multi database support, new Zeitwerk autoloader along with new frameworks added to the Rails family.

Two new frameworks added to Rails

Action Mailbox and Action Text made their way to the Rails codebase during the Rails 6 release. Action Mailbox will help you accept the incoming emails and Action Text brings rich text content and editing to Rails.

Other releases

Apart from Rails 6, 2019 also saw release of Rails 5.2.4 series and 5.1.7.

The party is still rocking in 2020. 18 people contributed to Rails in new year so far! Check out the detailed list of all changes.

Happy new year again!