Friday, December 4, 2020

Rails 6.1 RC2 and some enhancements

Posted by morgoth85

Hi, Wojtek from this side with a small set of changes since the last week.

Rails 6.1 RC2 released

The second release candidate for Rails 6.1 has been released and brings a more robust experience for those already trying this version.

Add option for “default_scope” to run on all queries

This change allows for applications to optionally run a default_scope
on update and delete queries in addition to current behavior on get and insert statements, by adding all_queries: true.

Add “id” and “field_id” methods to FormBuilder

Ease generating consistent DOM ids in given form context.

New default for “local” option on “form_with”

With Rails 6.1 version form_with will generate non-remote forms by default.

17 people contributed to Rails since last time. Check out the detailed list of all changes. Until next week!