Friday, May 8, 2020

May of WTFs, RailsConf and more

Posted by morgoth85

This is Greg and Wojtek bringing you the latest news about Rails in these crazy times.

A May of WTFs

Have you ever lost time on some strange Rails issue? Would you like to make it go away, so the others won’t do the same? It is an initiative running this month to improve Rails, especially for the first time users. Check the details and help making Rails better!

RailsConf - Couch Edition

This year RailsConf took place online. You can already watch all the videos. Take a look at the official announcement or jump straight to the playlist here.

Rails 6.0.3 has been released

This version fixes warnings when used with Ruby 2.7 altogether with many other framework bug fixes.

Instrument layout rendering

With this addition it is possible to listen on more specific action view layout rendering instrumentation.

Inspect time attributes with subsec


#<Knot id: 1, created_at: "2016-05-05 01:29:47">


#<Knot id: 1, created_at: "2016-05-05 01:29:47.116928000">

Test file patterns configurable via Environment variables

It is now possible to control which test files to execute by setting DEFAULT_TEST or DEFAULT_TEST_EXCLUDE environment variables.

Fix aggregate functions to return numeric value consistently even on custom attribute type

Count and average always returns a numeric value, but sum, maximum, and minimum did not always return a numeric value if aggregated on a custom attribute type.

Deprecate passing a column to type_cast

The type information for type casting is entirely separated to type object, so if anyone does passing a column to type_cast in Rails 6, they are likely doing something wrong. See the PR for a more thorough explanation.

Deprecate allowed_index_name_length and in_clause_length in DatabaseLimits

In the past, the SQLite3 adapter relied on allowed_index_name_length, but it is no longer needed so it got deprecated. in_clause_length also got deprecated in

38 people contributed since our last issue. You can check the full list of changes. Keep safe out there!