Sunday, May 2, 2021

Rails Governance

Posted by The Rails Team

As some questions have been raised about how the Rails project’s governance functions, we’d like to clarify how the team is structured and how we operate:

  • Ruby on Rails is an Open Source project run by the Rails Core team. In addition to the Core team we have two additional teams - the Committer team who can merge code changes, as well as the Issues team who can triage issues and merge documentation changes.

  • There are 11 members on the Core team who work for various employers or are independent consultants. We make decisions and work towards consensus as a team when needed. We each strive to make decisions that are best for the Rails framework and community. The members of the Core team are:

    • DHH, Basecamp
    • Jeremy, Basecamp
    • Aaron, Shopify
    • Xavier, Independent Consultant
    • Rafael, Shopify
    • Andrew, Unboxed
    • Guillermo, Treasure Data
    • Carlos, YNAB
    • Matthew, Buildkite
    • Kasper, Independent Consultant
    • Eileen, GitHub
  • Through that consensus process, no one on the Core team, or their employers, have sole control over the framework or community. There is no individual or subset of individuals who have power to enact policies unilaterally in the Rails community spaces that we operate (for example on issues, pull requests, or the forum).

  • We encourage contributions from everyone and will work to make your experience as welcoming as possible.

We care deeply about the Rails community. The work we do on the framework is for you. We will continue to work at making Rails a great framework as well as a vibrant, diverse community of users and contributors.