Saturday, July 10, 2021

Rails 6.1.4 and plenty of developer UX goodies

Posted by zzak

Hi, zzak again with the changes from the last week in Rails.

Rails 6.1.4 was released

This release includes many bug fixes so be sure to upgrade! You can read the full summary of changes here.

Deleting an item from the Middleware stack should raise if the item is not found

A bug was fixed when trying to remove a non-existent middleware off the stack.

Generators should raise an error if an attribute has an invalid index

An error is now raised in bin/rails when trying to generate a model with a misspelled “index” attribute.

config_for accepts root shared as an array

A bug was fixed when using config_for with a shared config that is defined as an array.

Handle error when file does not exist at filepath

A more helpful error message is given when using render: file for a non-existent absolute path.

Handle paths with spaces when editing credentials

This issue identifies a bug with trying to use bin/rails credentials:edit on Windows.

Truncate more ActionCable broadcast messages to 300 chars

This PR is a follow-up to an older PR that tried to cut down on ActionCable logging noise in development.

Verify foreign keys after loading fixtures

This PR introduces a new feature where referential integrity is applied to associations when loading fixtures.

It only works for SQLite and Postgres for now, if anyone has idea how to make this work in MySQL.

20 people contributed to Rails since last time. All the changes can be checked here. Until next week!