Friday, September 17, 2021

Rails 7 alpha released

Posted by morgoth85

Hi, Wojtek here with more new Rails 7 changes.

Rails 7.0 alpha released

The new Rails frontend approach and all the other new goodies can already be checked in this release.

Introduce ActiveModel::API

Make ActiveModel::API the minimum API to talk with Action Pack and Action View. This will allow adding more functionality to ActiveModel::Model.

Add support for generated columns in PostgreSQL

Generated columns are supported since version 12.0 of PostgreSQL. This adds
 support of those to the Active Record PostgreSQL adapter.

Generate less initializers in new/upgraded Rails apps

Removed configurations are set by the default Rails configuration and can be still changed when needed.

Use correct precision when touching updated_at column in upsert

CURRENT_TIMESTAMP provides differing precision depending on the database,
and not all databases support explicitly specifying additional precision. Instead, delegate to the new connection.high_precision_current_timestamp
for the SQL to produce a high precision timestamp on the current database.

13 people contributed to Rails since last time. All the changes can be checked here. Until next week!