Saturday, October 8, 2022

Updated Permissions-Policy directives and LSP support?

Posted by petrik

Hi, this is Petrik with this weeks updates in the Rails world.

Support more Permissions-Policy directives
With the Permissions-Policy header you can allow or block the use of browser features.
This pull request adds support for directives for the following features: hid, idle-detection, screen-wake-lock, serial, sync-xhr and web-share.

Deprecate obsolete Permissions-Policy directives
The speaker, vibrate, and vr permissions policy directives are now deprecated. There is no browser support for these directives, and no plan for browser support in the future. You can just remove these directives from your application.

Allow direct uploads to work within engines
Calling direct uploads from inside a Rails Engine failed because rails_direct_uploads_url was looked up in the engine’s routes instead of the application’s routes. It now uses the main_app helper to verify if the rails_direct_uploads_url exists.

Language Server support for Rails apps (WIP)
This is very much a work in progress but it looks very promising. Refreshing is a Language Server that refreshes the Rails app every time you save your buffer. It also communicates errors back to the editor.

This week we had 14 contributors.


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