Friday, November 11, 2022

This Week in Rails: A bugfix and improvements!

Posted by gregmolnar

Hi there,

This is Greg, bringing you the latest changes in Rails.

Fix Enumerable#many? to handle all block parameters Before this fix, Enumerable#many? didn’t forward the block parameters to the block, so if someone called it in a chain with each_with_index, the index wasn’t passed to the block.

Use filename when printing pending migrations By using filename, instead of basename, the full path of the migration will be displayed, which can be useful when migration files are stored in multiple directories, for instance in a multi-db app.

Make error highlight readable on dark mode The recently introduced error highlighting on the error pages were hard to read in dark mode, but not anymore.

Improve the MissingExactTemplate error page This improvement to the MissingExactTemplate error page adds the actual controller and action name to the page, replacing the generic example there before.

19 people contributed to Rails this past week! Until next time!

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