Monday, May 23, 2022

Welcoming Ryuta, Jean, John to Core and Yasuo, Jonathan to Committers

Posted by dhh

I’m thrilled to announce three new awesome members to the Rails Core team, which will increase the total number of core members to a cool twelve, and help ensure we have even more bandwidth to process the thousands of pull requests that go into every new major version of the framework.

First up is Ryuta Kamizono, who’s been contributing to Rails since 2013, and has a staggering 4500+ commits to his name. He’s the fourth most prolific committer overall, and has been instrumental in improving Active Record in particular. Ryuta is from Tokyo, Japan, making him our first core member from Ruby’s home country!

Next we have Jean Boussier, who’s been contributing to Rails since 2011, on a journey that started with something as simple as fixing a tiny typo in the documentation. Most great endings have humble beginnings! Jean has been active across the framework, works at Shopify, and hails from Toulouse, France.

Finally, we have John Hawthorn, who’s first commit goes back to 2010 with a change to increase the testing coverage for has_one :through associations. Today, John is active across the framework, and has done a lot of good work in particular on Action View and template handling. John works at GitHub, and hails from Victoria, Canada.

In addition to expanding the Rails Core team, we’re also adding two new members to our Rails Committers team. As we say on the team page, the Committers team assists with processing pull requests and making changes to the framework, but does not have the keys to make final releases or set policy. All members of the Core team came up through working on this team.

First, Yasuo Honda joins the Committers team after starting his involved with Rails working on the Oracle adapter for Active Record (which he continues to maintain to this day!). His first commit to the framework was a change to the testing coverage exactly for the Oracle adapter, and was made back in 2011. Yasuo is from Tokyo, Japan.

Then we have Jonathan Hefner, who started his contributions to Rails with a nice optimization for String#from/to in 2019, and has since helped review and merge pull requests across the framework. Jonathan is from Lafayette, Louisiana, and works as an independent consultant.

We’re grateful for all their existing contributions, and excited to work with them on making our framework even better still!