Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Rails Foundation and Agency of Learning partner to develop Rails World app

Posted by The Rails Foundation

The Rails Foundation is delighted to announce a partnership with the Agency of Learning to create an event app for Rails World. This collaboration aims to provide a valuable learning opportunity for junior developers while enhancing the event experience for Rails World attendees.

Rails World App

The focus of this collaboration is to develop an event schedule app that will allow Rails World attendees to build personalized schedules, leave comments under sessions to encourage discussions, and facilitate connections between attendees.

Rather than use an out-of-the-box schedule app on the market, the Rails Foundation and the Agency of Learning want to use this opportunity to provide junior developers with hands-on experience on a development team, as well as a fully developed Rails product to add to their portfolio.

What is the Agency of Learning?

The Agency of Learning is a unique fusion of a supportive developer community and professional agency, designed to propel junior developers into real-world experience while fostering growth within an enriching tech network. Aspiring junior developers gain hands-on experience and enhance their skills under the guidance of experienced senior developers, while clients gain business-crucial applications.

The Agency of Learning is excited to work the Rails Foundation on this initiative. By harnessing the power of community and mentorship, we can aid the evolution of the Rails ecosystem through thoughtful, consistent support and collaboration. As they say, ‘rising tides lift all boats’!

Dave Paola, Founder at The Agency of Learning

This partnership aims to foster growth and skill development within the Rails community, and help encourage the next generation of Rails developers entering the market.

We are excited to get started, and cannot wait to launch the Rails World app in time for Rails World this October in Amsterdam.