Friday, June 23, 2023

Rails World website and ticket sales, CPK improvements and more!

Posted by gregmolnar

Hi, it’s Greg, bringing you the latest changes in the Rails codebase.

Rails World’s site is live!
The Rails World conference website is live from today. It was created by Shona Chan, a junior developer from the Rails community. It was commissioned by the Rails Foundation, designed by Katya Sitko and created under the mentorship of Ayush Newatia.

Rails World Ticket sale starts today!
Rails World ticket sales start today, Friday June 23, at 5pm CEST, starting with a limited run of Early Bird tickets. Try not to miss it and see you in Amsterdam!

Fix EncryptedConfiguration not behaving like Hash
Previously, EncryptedConfiguration used InheritableOptions so that keys could be called like methods. It was changed later to ensure that it behaved both like a Hash and OrderedOptions. This second change, accidentally broke methods like #keys, ~#to_h, etc., so Rails.application.credentials.to_h returned an empty hash even with credentials being set. This pull request fixed the issue and the fix was backported to 7-0-stable too.

Add support for nullifying composite primary key has_one associations
This pull request has been created because has_one composite primary key(CPK) associations with dependent: :nullify were broken. It changes the nullification code in ActiveRecord::Associations::HasOneAssociation to iterate through foreign key columns and nullify them if they don’t belong to the model’s primary keys.

Disallow id as an enum value in Active Record
This change disallows id as an enum value in Active Record, because it can lead to unexpected joins and subqueries. If you still want to use it, you can do so with \_prefix or \_suffix option set.

Update Action Text to use HTML5 when available
This pull request updates Action Text to use the HTML5 sanitizer when available, and to parse markup using Nokogiri::HTML5 when available. Previously, Action Text used Nokogiri’s HTML4 parsers for these operations.

Don’t show secret_key_base for Rails.application.config#inspect
When calling Rails.application.config#inspect it showed all attributes, including secret_key_base and this pull request overrides the inspect method to only show the class name. This helps to avoid to accidentally output sensitive information. The same change was done for MessageEncryptor and EncryptedConfiguration

Support beginless and endless ranges in to_fs
This pull request adds support to beginless/endless ranges in the to_fs. It will work like in this example:

> (0..1).to_fs(:db)
=> "BETWEEN '0' AND '1'"
> (..1).to_fs(:db)
=> "< '1'"
> (0..).to_fs(:db)
=> "> '0'"

Bugfix: Ensure has_one associations saved when part of CPK has changed
If a has_one association uses a composite primary key, and part of the composite primary key changes on the owner, these changes need to be reflected on the belonging object’s foreign key.
This was not working previously, because #_record_changed? was not equipped to handle composite primary key associations, so we were not recognizing that the belonging object’s foreign key needed to be updated when the owner’s primary key changed.

Eager load composite primary keys models
This pull request changes join dependency assignment to properly handle nodes with composite primary keys to fix eager loading models and associations with composite primary keys.

Use _read_attribute when autosaving has_one associations
This pull request fixes the issue of composite primary key models do not autosave properly when their association primary key is set to :id. In models with composite primary keys, the #id accessor will return an array, where we actually want the id column value. By changing has_one autosaving to use _read_attribute instead of public_send it won’t use the #id accessor.

Apply scope to association subqueries
This pull request makes sure scopes are applied to association(belongs_to/has_one/has_many) subqueries. For example, if you have this association: has_many :welcome_posts, -> { where(title: "welcome") } Before:

Author.where(welcome_posts: Post.all)
#=> SELECT (...) WHERE "authors"."id" IN (SELECT "posts"."author_id" FROM "posts")
Author.where(welcome_posts: Post.all)
#=> SELECT (...) WHERE "authors"."id" IN (SELECT "posts"."author_id" FROM "posts" WHERE "posts"."title" = 'welcome')

You can view the whole list of changes here.
We had 21 contributors to the Rails codebase this past week!

Until next time!

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