Friday, February 16, 2024

Rails World CFP, ActiveRecord::Base.with_connection, devcontainer and puma-dev support and more!

Posted by vipulnsward

Hi! Vipul here with the latest updates for This Week in Rails!

Rails World CFP
Call for Papers is now open for The Rails World 2024 conference that will be held in Toronto, Canada this year. The CFP will remain open until 21st March. Head over here to submit your proposal!

Generate devcontainer files by default
This change generates a .devcontainer folder and its contents when creating a new app. The .devcontainer folder includes everything needed to boot the app and do development in a remote container. These files can be skipped using the --skip-devcontainer option.

Add ActiveRecord::Base.with_connection as a shortcut for leasing a connection for a short duration
This change adds ActiveRecord::Base.with_connection as a shortcut for leasing a connection for a short duration. The leased connection is yielded, and for the duration of the block, any call to ActiveRecord::Base.connection will yield that same connection. This is useful to perform a few database operations without causing a connection to be leased for the entire duration of the request or job.

Support encrypting binary columns
Previously encrypting binary columns with the ActiveRecord::Encryption::MessageSerializer incidentally worked for MySQL and SQLite, but not PostgreSQL. This change adds proper support now for encrypting binary columns types.

Suggest puma-dev configuration in bin/setup
Rails now suggest puma-dev as the golden path for developing multiple Rails applications locally, if you’re not using Docker. bin/setup has now been updated to suggest how to get that setup.

Add .test to default allowed host in development mode
Continuing on support for puma-dev this change adds “.test” as a default allowed host in development to ensure a smooth setup.

You can view the whole list of changes here.
We had 30 contributors to the Rails codebase this past week!

Until next time!

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