Tuesday, April 23, 2024

makandra joins the Rails Foundation

Posted by The Rails Foundation

As we close the books on a busy Q1, the Rails Foundation is happy to welcome our newest Contributing member: makandra.

As the first German company to join the foundation, makandra brings with it over 15 years of building on Rails for large corporations such as Volkswagen and Audi to one-man companies such as Wissensbox.

Joining the Rails Foundation is a huge milestone for us and shows that we are fully behind Ruby on Rails. We are proud to be part of this community and we are determined to do our part to further develop and strengthen the framework.

Thomas Eisenbarth, makandra CEO and Founder

makandra has already spent years supporting the maintenance of the Rails ecosystem through their product, Rails LTS. When an older Rails version reaches end-of-life and stops receiving security updates, makandra patches vulnerabilities as soon as they are reported, extending the life of the older version and helping companies who are not yet able to fully upgrade to recent versions.

In addition to designing and developing their own open source projects, makandra has a history of supporting the Rails ecosystem through makandra cards, a platform that documents and shares best practices, useful tips and tricks, and important lessons learned from working with Rails.

And, if you were lucky enough to catch one of the two editions, they were also one of the companies responsible for Ruby on Ice, which gathered Rails developers against a backdrop of the Alps in the south of Bavaria. Sessions, snow, and sleds? Sounds like the ultimate Ruby conference to us.

We thank makandra for supporting the Rails Foundation and the greater Rails community, and we look forward to collaborating on our mission!

makandra joins the Rails Foundation Core members Cookpad, Doximity, Fleetio, GitHub, Intercom, Procore, Shopify, and 37signals, and Contributing members AppSignal, BigBinary, Cedarcode, Planet Argon, and Renuo.

The Rails Foundation couldn’t exist without the generous contributions from these Core and Contributing members. If your company would like to become involved, please reach out to foundation@rubyonrails.org. We’d love to hear from you.