Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Rails World tickets releasing on April 30

Posted by The Rails Foundation

Hi all,

Amanda here from the Rails Foundation. We have a quick update about Rails World 2024 tickets.

Tickets will be available beginning Tuesday April 30 at 1pm EDT.

General admission tickets are $559 USD. (This year we will not be issuing Early Bird tickets.)

Good to know: To mitigate any potential rush for tickets, all speakers have been informed if they are invited to speak, and all sponsor and Rails Foundation member tickets have been set aside. We are hoping that this reduces the amount of people looking for a ticket at the same time, so if your company is sponsoring Rails World or is a member of the Rails Foundation, please ask internally for the booking process.

If there are any unclaimed sponsor or foundation tickets, we will release another small batch of tickets in late May.

Head over to on Tuesday to get your ticket.



Rails Foundation

PS: We are still accepting Rails World sponsors, so if your company would like to guarantee tickets for your team, please get in touch.