September 21, 2005
Ruby 1.8.3 has been released
But hold your horses on installing it for a production Rails system. At least one compatibility issue has been spotted between Rails 0.13.1 and Ruby 1.8.3. Over the next days,...
September 20, 2005
The wiki is down
While we’re working on bringing it back, you can get the HTML backup (2.6MB). The homepage for that export is broken, but the rest should be good. Madeleine is so...
September 19, 2005
Job site for Ruby (and Rails)
Jason Toy has created a new job site dedicated to Ruby-positions. It’s available at and already includes its first position for a Ruby on Rails developer for ODEO.
September 19, 2005
Talking points for management on Ruby on Rails
ThoughtWorks’ Obie Fernandez has put together a good collection of talking points on Ruby on Rails. This is a useful starting point if you need to convince a customer or...
September 19, 2005
Weed statistics and Ruby-powered sparklines
Weed is a new stats package in leu with Mint and others build using Ruby on Rails. It’s open source and rapidly improving. Do check it out. Part of Weed...
September 19, 2005
FCGI replacement in the making for Rails
Zed A. Shaw is working on a SCGI implementation in pure Ruby that’ll hopefully make for a more pleasant experience than FCGI once ready. He just announced the v0.3 of...
September 17, 2005
Ruby on Rails as a Burton Group telebriefing
The Burton Group advices Fortune 500 CTOs and other big shots on existing and upcoming technology. On September 28th, they will host a telebriefing using a panel discussion with Dave...
September 15, 2005
Rails done quick: From scratch to app in 2 minutes
Ryan Davis has cooked up a really cool video of Rails done quick. He uses OmniGraffle to design his schema, converts this to SQL, triggers a few home-grown scripts, and...
September 14, 2005
The eight steps of a Rails conversion
Brett at San Antonio Safe List recalls the process that he has seen folks with PHP, Python, Java, and DBA experience go through when meeting Rails: Everything is so weird....
September 14, 2005
Ruby on Rails: "it's fucking horrible"
This is a rare treat. Someone who actually gave Rails a good couple of hours, but couldn’t get anything done, and thus hates its guts: Well, I’ve found this: it’s...