February 25, 2005
Rails 0.10.0 is a Ruby 1.8.2 framework
It’s time to upgrade to Ruby 1.8.2, folks. Rails 0.10.0 includes various bits that require this version of Ruby, so if you want to run the latest Rails, you’ll have...
February 24, 2005
Joyent seeks 4 developers with Rails experience
David Young from the San Francisco start-up Joyent are looking for 4 developers with Rails experience: We’re looking for four exceptional people, they should have deep experience writing good GUI...
February 24, 2005
Rails 0.10.0: Routing, Web Services, Components, Oracle
We’re plowing through the road map at lightning speed with the release of Rails 0.10.0. There’s so much good stuff in here this time it’s really hard to pick just...
February 23, 2005
'They won't ever fit together like Rails'
Matt Grayson is another Python programmer that despite his love for Python “…haven’t done much Python lately”. He blames Rails, which he declares “…is worth the hype.”. On the prospect...
February 23, 2005
Extracting UML diagrams from Rails source
Schubert has been working on a program that’ll extract a UML diagram from your Rails application. On his weblog, Schubert has an example of how it looks right now with...
February 22, 2005
Soo many quotes, so little space
Xavier Defrang characterizes himself as a “…a frustrated Python-lover writing object-oriented PHP code”. He has contributed to the O’Reilly Python Cookbook and initiated the french translation of Dive Into Python....
February 22, 2005
Twelve routing examples from Elite Journal
Scott Baron explains the twelve routing rules that connects his Elite Journal weblogging system. Routing is the mod_rewrite replacement coming in Rails 0.10.
February 22, 2005
Understanding Model-View-Control
Rails is built upon the foundation of a model-view-control split of responsibilities. The MVC pattern can be quite bewildering if you’re coming from procedural PHP, other non-OOP environments, or are...
February 22, 2005
Components are coming to Rails
Despite my recent case against high-level components, I do find low-to-medium level components useful when restricted within a narrow context. I could easily foresee abstracting some of the stuff in...
February 22, 2005
Benchmark reports coming to Rails
Florian Weber has been working on his benchmark extension to test/unit for quite a while, but real life got in the way with the development of Bellybutton. He’s now making...