September 9, 2008
Sven Fuchs explains the history and detail of I18n in Rails 2.2
Sven Fuchs gave a great presentation at RailsConf Europe about the history and details of the forth-coming I18n support in Rails 2.2. Well worth reading if you’re in need of...
September 5, 2008
Rails 2.1.1: Lots of bug fixes
Rails 2.1.1 is another maintenance release that includes a bunch of bug fixes and a fix for the REXML vulnerability. I’ve extracted all the changes from the CHANGELOGs into a...
September 4, 2008
Guides Hackfest
I’m pleased to finally announce the Rails Guides Hackfests. And we got really exciting prizes too! There is a list of guides available at Lighthouse You can select one of...
September 3, 2008
Rails 2.0.4: Maintenance release
Thanks to Git it’s been a lot easier to maintain older branches of the code base, so we’ve taken the opportunity to backport a bunch of bug fixes to the...
August 30, 2008
Tell your Rails story
I’ve been receiving some very moving stories about how people came to be Rails programmers from incredibly diverse backgrounds over the years. I even talked to a taxi driver once...
August 29, 2008
Twitter account
We have a twitter account for Rails at You can follow it to receive regular updates about the framework.
August 27, 2008
Demo of Rails 2.2 internationalization
Rails 2.2 is going to make it much, much easier to do internationalized sites. Check out Clemens Kofler’s sample app running live or peruse his code. Thread safety? Internationalization? What...
August 27, 2008
Juggernaut: Server-side push for Rails
Juggernaut is a combination of a small Ruby server, a Flash bridge, and a plugin that makes it easy to do server-side push systems in Rails. I played with this...
August 23, 2008
DoS Vulnerabilities in REXML
The ruby-security team have published an advisory about a DoS bug affecting REXML users. Almost all rails applications will be affected by this vulnerability and you’re strongly advised to take...
August 16, 2008
Josh Peek officially joins the Rails core
Josh Peek has been a defacto Rails core committer for a while, but for some reason we’ve never actually made the appointment official. So here it goes: Josh Peek is...