October 15, 2008
RailsConf '09: Accepting proposals for Vegas!
RailsConf 2009 is going to Las Vegas, baby. It’s happening from May 4-7 at the Las Vegas Hilton. Last year was an astounding success with probably the best session line-up...
October 10, 2008
2 Weeks in Rails (October 10, 2008)
Welcome to yet another edition of this Week in Rails where we summarize some of the most interesting stories of the past two weeks. If you’d rather listen to these...
September 24, 2008
This Week in Rails (September 24, 2008)
Welcome to the sixth addition of This Week in Rails, where we’ll take a look of the past two weeks of innovation in the Rails community. If you’d rather listen...
September 10, 2008
This Week in Rails (September 10, 2008)
Welcome to the fifth edition of This Week in Rails, a weekly report with highlights from the Rails community. Antonio Cangiano (the original author) has been pretty busy, so I...
September 9, 2008
Sven Fuchs explains the history and detail of I18n in Rails 2.2
Sven Fuchs gave a great presentation at RailsConf Europe about the history and details of the forth-coming I18n support in Rails 2.2. Well worth reading if you’re in need of...
September 5, 2008
Rails 2.1.1: Lots of bug fixes
Rails 2.1.1 is another maintenance release that includes a bunch of bug fixes and a fix for the REXML vulnerability. I’ve extracted all the changes from the CHANGELOGs into a...
September 4, 2008
Guides Hackfest
I’m pleased to finally announce the Rails Guides Hackfests. And we got really exciting prizes too! There is a list of guides available at Lighthouse You can select one of...
September 3, 2008
Rails 2.0.4: Maintenance release
Thanks to Git it’s been a lot easier to maintain older branches of the code base, so we’ve taken the opportunity to backport a bunch of bug fixes to the...
August 30, 2008
Tell your Rails story
I’ve been receiving some very moving stories about how people came to be Rails programmers from incredibly diverse backgrounds over the years. I even talked to a taxi driver once...
August 29, 2008
Twitter account
We have a twitter account for Rails at http://twitter.com/rails. You can follow it to receive regular updates about the framework.