June 1, 2008
Rails 2.1: Time zones, dirty, caching, gem dependencies, caching, etc
Rails 2.1 is now available for general consumption with all the features and fixes we’ve been putting in over the last six months since 2.0. This has been a huge...
May 3, 2008
Guide to creating and testing patches with Git
Michael has written up a guide on how to create and test patches with Git. A good read for anyone interested in contributing or following the development of Rails.
May 2, 2008
Help improve Rails documentation on Git branch
Pratik’s documentation branch for Rails has moved to http://github.com/lifo/docrails. This branch is open for all to contribute to directly. Just send Pratik a note on Github asking for access and...
April 30, 2008
Rails 2.1 release candidate is imminent!
Threat level orange, guys! The release candidate for Rails 2.1 is drawing awfully close, so if you’ve been sitting on a patch that just must make it in now is...
April 29, 2008
RailsConf keynotes: Kent Beck, Joel Spolsky, Jeremy Kemper, yours truly
I’m happy to announce that we finalized the keynote line-up for this year’s RailsConf and I can’t believe the great names we got (especially that last guy on the list,...
April 23, 2008
Agile Web Development with Rails, 3rd Edition
You asked for, heck, you demanded it, and now it’s becoming a reality. The original Rails book, Agile Web Development with Rails, is getting a facelift and the 3rd edition...
April 22, 2008
ALA special on Rails
A List A Part is featuring a special issue dedicated to Ruby on Rails. There’s Creating More Using Less Effort with Ruby on Rails by Michael Slater and Getting Started...
April 21, 2008
Ruby Heroes accepting nominations
Ruby Hero Award is a great initiative to highlight some of all the hard-working people in the Ruby and Rails communities who might otherwise not get as much exposure as...
April 21, 2008
rubyonrails.org was not hijacked
Due to a snafu at the domain company holding rubyonrails.org, the site was turned into their default Google-baiting holding spot yesterday. The problem has now been resolved and the Google-bait...
April 15, 2008
Rails (and family) on Lighthouse
Lighthouse “version 2” deployed yesterday, so I’m officially opening the Rails Lighthouse tracker up for business. Other spinoff projects such as Prototype and Capistrano have already made the switch. As...