April 26, 2007
Ostrava on Rails 2007
The first Czech Ruby on Rails conference is coming to Ostrava this summer: mark your calendar for June 22-23. Talks are in English and registration is open now!
April 25, 2007
Capistrano 2.0 Preview 1
Capistrano 2.0 Preview 1 is now available for installing and testing: gem install -s http://gems.rubyonrails.com capistrano (It’ll show up as version 1.99.0; the 1.99.x series will be used as the...
April 14, 2007
RailsConf Keynotes and Fourth Track
We’re putting the finishing touches on the RailsConf 2007 schedule this week. Given the huge number of high quality proposals (well over 3 times the number from last year), we’re...
April 2, 2007
Javascriptian REST
Eric Mill went ahead and created Jester, a library that lets you manipulate your Rails-style resources with javascript models. I think it’s great that we’re seeing implementations in other languages....
April 1, 2007
Rails 1.2 Performance
Stephan Kaes, our resident performance expert, has released a new version of RailsBench. He then created new Rails 1.2 vs Rails 1.1 benchmarks, discovering that things aren’t as bad as...
March 14, 2007
Rails 1.2.3: Compatible with Ruby 1.8.6 (and other fixes)
While Rails Edge continues to move forward at a rapid clip, we’ve still had the time to make sure that Rails 1.2.x stays in the game. This release irons out...
March 2, 2007
Plugin loading internals have changed, for the better!
Until now, the task of locating and loading plugins into your app was handled by a handful of private methods on the Rails::Initializer. These methods were fairly large, coarse grained,...
March 1, 2007
Computerworld names Rails #1 tech to know
Computerworld is pinning Rails as the #1 technology to know in 2007. As the only piece of software among group of hardware including NAND drives and new CPUs. About Rails...
February 24, 2007
Capistrano 1.4.1
Here it is, another Capistrano release, and less than a month since the last one! Miracles truly never cease. Capistrano, for those embarrassingly late to the party, is a utility...
February 24, 2007
RailsConf '07 sold out
All 1200 seats for RailsConf 2007 are now gone. See you all in three months in Portland! Oh, there’s also a waiting list, if more seats should open up due...