Friday, February 5, 2016

Rails 5 beta 2, RailsConf 2016 registration and more!

Posted by repinel


Hello everyone! This is Roque bringing the latest from the Rails world. Stay tuned!

Rails 5.0.0.beta2 has been released!

Please give Rails 5.0 a try on your app. Spotting bugs and upgrade issues ahead helps big releases like this.

This week’s contributors

This week 54 people contributed to Rails. We also got 10 first time contributors. Welcome aboard folks and keep it going!

RailsConf 2016 registration is open

All aboard! The next train is leaving to Kansas City. Don’t miss it! Tickets sales ends April 3rd.

Rails 5 only supports PostgreSQL 9.1+

Rails 5 will only support versions of PostgreSQL greater than or equal to 9.1. Older versions are no longer supported by the PostgreSQL team. You can read more on their official page.

New Stuff

Add default Puma config and option to skip it

A default config has been added for Puma. It sets the default Puma thread count to 5 to mach Active Record’s default, and prevent connection timeout errors.
Puma can now be skipped when generating new apps with the --skip-puma option.

Rails command now runs Rake tasks in Engines

Just like in Rails apps, it is now possible to use the rails command to execute rake tasks in Engines.


Fix corrupt transaction state caused by before_commit exceptions

This makes Active Record aware that a database was rolled back when a before_commit callback raises an exception.
Before, Active Record would think the connection was active, and fail.

Wrapping Up

That’s all for This week in Rails. As always, there are plenty of things we’re not able to cover here, so take a peek at the changes yourself.

Until next time!