Tuesday, July 25, 2023

AppSignal: Platinum Sponsor at Rails World

Posted by The Rails Foundation

The Rails Foundation is delighted to announce that AppSignal, the renowned application monitoring company built on Rails and based in the Netherlands, is the Platinum sponsor at Rails World this year.

AppSignal has been an integral part of the Rails community for years, and earlier this year stepped up their ongoing commitment to the Rails community by becoming a Contributing member of the Rails Foundation.

Now they are taking their commitment one step further by becoming the premiere Platinum sponsor at the first Rails World taking place this October in Amsterdam. This Platinum sponsorship highlights AppSignal’s belief in the Rails framework’s potential and also signifies their determination to foster growth and development within the Rails community.

With their history of infusing Rails events with a touch of fun and a ton of stroopwafels, AppSignal is an invaluable partner in helping make this first edition of Rails World an unforgettable experience for all who attend.

Thank you, AppSignal, for your continued support and dedication to the Rails ecosystem.

Join AppSignal and help create the first Rails World

There are still sponsorship opportunities available. Sponsoring Rails World means helping create Rails history and showcasing your brand to a global audience of Rails enthusiasts, developers, and industry leaders. Check out the prospectus here, and get in touch with sponsors@rubyonrails.org to discuss the best option for you.